Oxford Learning Source – Tutoring, Homework Help, Math, Reading, English, ACT/SAT, School

What We Do

Oxford Learning Source is Able to Offer Anything From Homework Help, to a Full-Day School.

Homework Help

Homework Help is for students who are on level but need help with difficult classes. The student will work directly with one of our specialists in an environment of no more than three to one; this allows the student the face time and personal attention that is needed for success.

Presciptive Programs

Oxford's Prescriptive Program is for students who have been struggling for longer than six months. When a student enrolls in our Prescriptive program, we run a battery of tests to determ the student's needs and find the specific areas that need attention; an individualized program is then prescribed to the student, with unique attention given to the areas of concern.

School Credit

Oxford offers school credit, which is for the student who needs to make up a class or needs an individually paced and small group setting. They will be placed in a group of no more than three students per specials, plus an aide.


The Oxford Academy is for students who need an entire day of small group instruction.